This is my first blog feature, and I'm really excited to introduce the extremely stylish Kani:

I asked Kani a few questions, here is what she had to say:
1. How tall are you? 1.6 meters (5'2").
2. Where/who do you get inspiration from? I get inspiration from clothes my mother used to own, people on the street, other blogs and the surroundings around me.
3. Where do you shop for petite clothes?  I guess this is where it doesn't really relate to me! I normally shop at your average stores, however sometimes i find jeans a little long so i have to chop them to fit me :) Not a lot of stores (that i know of) have petite sections in Australia though, so some people find it hard to get clothes the right lengths and have to get things like dresses altered!
4. Who is your favorite petite celebrity & why? I am actually a huge fan of Vanessa Hudgens. I also lovelovelove High School Musical. She looks like a lovely lovely sweet person, has an amazing voice and yeah, I just love High School Musical, I could watch it over and over again and never ever get bored!
5. How did you start designing hair accessories? I started designing hair accessories a year before I opened my Etsy store. I guess I was initially inspired by the beautiful bows Blair Waldorf wore on Gossip Girl and also by the lack of pretty statement headbands I saw in stores. I made a few for myself at first and then a couple of my blog readers started emailing me asking me to sell them! So I decided to open my Etsy :)
6. What is your favorite store? A few of my favourite places in Australia which I currently only just drool over (can't really afford much!) include Lover, Alannah Hill & Sretsis :)
7. What sparked your interest in fashion? I don't know, I guess that as I started growing up (and bigger) I needed to replace my kid-size clothes with bigger ones. I paid for all my clothes myself as I had a part time job so I just started choosing what I liked to wear and eventually got to love fashion!
Kani is an 18 year old girl from Austrailia with an amazing & unique sense of style. She has the ability to mix contemporary and vintage pieces together creating the perfect look. From photography to designing hair accessories Kani is immensely talented.
Be sure to check out her blog: K is for Kani.
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C'EST DEMODE said...

gorgeous outfit.

xxo Tess S.

Marija Kostic said...

I like it ....lovely blog...

Tara said...

Love her skirt!

Mindy♥ said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love your blog as well. I'm a petite girl as well (5'3-4) so this is perfect! <3 I'm following. Kani is so pretty!

mello yello jen said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Glad you stopped by because I was introduced to your great blog.

This was an awesome first feature post, I really enjoyed the questions you asked and getting to know more about Kani. Hey, I actually gained two more blogs that I like!

superdupermolly said...

You're so cute! I'm also very petite! (Only 5'1) =( But.... It's OK! About the falsies, its very easy to put on after you practice it .... 100 times! LOL ;P Have a great day! and thanks for dropping by my blog!

Mei said...

Yes she's also one of my favorite styler at Lookbook! x~

Alley said...

Kani is such a stylish cutie! Love it!

Rinny said...

Great feature, I love her style :D

Mimi said...

i love that bow! and her style is great! i am 5'2'' too! :D

<3, Mimi

Elisa ♥ said...

her style is so nice =D love it

Giuli Kakoulli said...

Love these outfits!!<3

Thank you for the lovely comment dear! How about following each other?



San Jose Love said...

Kani is very cute and stylish. I'd love to check out her etsy shop. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I have responded to your question about the rice.

oomph. said...

love her style...and great headpieces.


Yessica said...

She is surely very pretty and has a great sense of style! =)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

She is very pretty =]

You have a really lovely blog, thanks for stopping by!

Dee O. said...

Good job lil' sis! I like this feature a lot!!! :)