Diary of a Short Girl Reader Feature: Allyson

This is my first Diary of a Short Girl reader feature, yay! I'm happy to introduce Allyson (4'10"), a 26 year old girl from California. Here's what she had to say:
1. What is your favorite store? Topshop.
2. Who is your favorite petite celebrity? Victoria Beckham. 
3. What sparked your interest in fashion? I have always been interested in fashion ever since I was a young girl. I love things that look beautiful, and to me, clothes and style are very beautiful and looks like a piece of art when worn :)
4. Who/What do you get inspiration from? I get inspiration from Victoria Beckham, Frankie Sandford, Kelly Osbourne, and Cheryl Cole :)

5. What is your favorite article of clothing or accessory that you could never live without? My black tights, because I can pair them with many things from my wardrobe :) 

A similar look:
Asos Rare One Shoulder Ruffle Dress $46.55 (on sale!)
Forever 21 Dressy Wide Belt $5.80
Bakers Melina Dress Pumps $80

Where to find these items:
Dress: www.asos.com.
Belt: www.forever21.com and in Forever 21 stores.
Heels: www.bakersshoes.com and in Bakers shoe stores.

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luckiebeauty said...

The dress looks amazing! I love the color.

alwaysmysunshine said...

she's gorgeous (:

Tara said...

OMG love this...the color of that dress is amazing!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

love that look and she's gorgeous!

L4pinkpetal said...

love the dress.. :D

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

OMG everything is prefect in that picture!! I need to step my dress game up!

Michelle said...

I'm loving her hair and outfit!! So chic!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful woman shorter and older than me. Idk why this makes me so happy. Short girls rock!

JenlovesBal said...

Love the dress and bag!

Great feature btw! :)

mello yello jen said...

Nice first feature! Allyson is gorgeous and has such a standout haircut, wish I could pull off that hairstyle!

Can't wait to read future features.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

blog award for you doll!

*~kAy~* said...

she's so pretty :)
man you got the dress spot-on!

Kat said...

I love her outfit!!! It's amazing!

Kat said...

I love her outfit!!! It's amazing!

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

you look so hot in that dress!!! Love it!

Glam Chic said...

she's adorable! Love the blog :)