Mollie King

I have a new addition to my blog! Mollie King (5'4") from the British singing group The Saturdays. I never knew she was petite until I Googled her after seeing a picture of her where she looked pretty short. So, I'm happy I look up her height! Here's the look:
A similar look:
As a Cloud Top
ModCloth As a Cloud Top $29.99
Urban Outfitters Silence & Noise Blazer $78
Topshop Mushroom Silk Shorts by Boutique $70

Bakers Victoria G Platforms $79.95

Where to find these items:
Blazer: www.urbanoutfitters.com and in Urban Outfitters stores.
Shorts: www.topshop.com and in Topshop stores.
Heels: www.bakersshoes.com and in Bakers shoe stores.


Solely She said...

Can imagine your blog must be mighty popular amongst you shorties. Loving many of the outfits represented here. There's nothing special about my height, I'm average :). Thanks for commenting my blog by the way! It ment a lot to me.

alwaysmysunshine said...

I love Mollie(: i adore your blog