Victoria Beckham

Capes are my favorite item this season. I am completely in love with capes! They look so chic and trendy and they are really warm too. Victoria Beckham's (5'4") cape in this outfit is unique, but I don't really like it. Here's the look:
Cape-Gimbattista Valli Cape (not available for sale); Shoes-Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo Patent Leather Pumps $795
A similar look:
Asos Hooded Military Cape $129.30
Urban Outfitters UO Opaque Tights $12
Steve Madden Women's RUSSHH Snip Toe Pump
Steve Madden Russhh Platforms $89.95

Where to find these items:
Tights: www.urbanoutfitters.com and in Urban Outfitters stores.
Shoes: www.stevemadden.com and in Steve Madden stores.


Tiffany Monet said...

Victoria Rocks! =)

Neve said...

thanks for your comment! this post is brilliant=]

beneath the glass said...

i love capes! they look so chic. and love the pumps, so classic. lol, i love that you put "vertically challenged" as i am also short and call myself that as well :)

Beneath the Glass

Global SweetHeart said...

I love asos! N Steve madden shoes...thanks for checking out my blog btw, your is the bomb too

Le blog de Letilor said...

Waw The victoria's cape is realy nice.Unique product that is so sad.

Twinn said...

love the whole cape look
&& those shoes

Ansella said...

Great post!


i LOVE victoria beckham, shes amazing! those shoes are gorgeous too x

Lady Cardigan said...

I didn't realize all these celebrities were petite! I'm not short myself, but still need to wear petite tops. Your blog is excellent.

BigAppleNosh said...

That cape is awesome, LOVE it!

PS Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)