Frankie Sandford Leaving a TV Studio in London

I am officially starting to loathe this weather. It's so dry and cold, my skin is all dry/itchy and I'm starting to get sick! Don't you hate when your throat starts to hurt and you can feel the cold starting to form in the back of your throat. Ahhhh I hate it! The only thing keeping me sane is my blog :). Here's a post from Frankie Sandfors (5'2"): 
A similar look:
ASOS Reverse Chiffon Frill Dress with Embellished Shoulder $59.17

Zara Square Neck Double Breasted Coat $89.99 (on sale!) (This is the exact same coat Frankie Sandford's wearing!!)
American Apparel Opaque Pantyhose $14
ASOS Alesha Leather Platform Chelsea Boots $75.31 (on sale!)

Where to find these items:
Dress: www.asos.com.
Coat: VIEW AT www.zara.com PURCHASE AT Zara stores.
Tights: www.americanapparel.com and in Americna Apparel stores.
Booties: www.asos.com.


Cee said...

I am also 5'2", so I can really appreciate this post, and your blog as a whole. I love that you're petite-focused; so little in fashion seems to be. And that coat? Fabulous!
Love from you newest follower,

Tiffany Monet said...

I love her hair! =)

Courtney M. Santana said...

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