Ashley Tisdale Shopping in Beverly Hills

Today sucked. I've been stressing out so much! I could really use some spring weather; shorts, skirts, sandals, floppy hats & shades. I am more than ready for spring break. I guess I have to wait a couple more weeks, when does spring start anyway? Well, todays look is from Ashley Tisdale (5'3"), I think it's very spring-y, (that guy in the background seems to really be appreciating Ashley's...backside) here's the look:
A similar look:

Urban Outfitters Roman Four Twenty Oversized Tee $39

Hollister Highway 101 Denim Jacket $59.50
Watercolor Floral Scrunch Skirt
Free People Watercolor Floral Scrunch Skirt $48 (this is the same skirt Ashley Tisdale's wearing!)
Bakers Melanie JS Dress Sandals $98.95

Where to find these items:
Top: www.urbanoutfitters.com and in Urban Outfitters stores.
Jacket: www.hollisterco.com and in Hollister Co. stores.
Skirt: www.freepeople.com and in Free People stores.
Shoes: www.bakersshoes.com and in Bakers shoe stores.


Anonymous said...

I love it, this is how I dress all the time! Haha. But sorry about your day, I hope things get better :)

Kate said...

Love this! And love your blog! I'm only 5'1... but short girls rock it all!