I've decided to come up with something called "Feature Fridays". Isn't that so cute? so every Friday I'll try to post a feature! This Fridays feature is about one of my favorite Lookbookers, Adelle V.

I asked Adelle some questions, here's what she had to say:
1. How tall are you? I am only 160cm (5'2").
2. When did you start your online store (DELicate.Cloth)? I started my online store last year with a friend. Both of us love fashion but we have such different style. Unfortunately, both of us are medical students, so it's so difficult to run the online shop, we have crazy hectic schedules and activities at the hospital. For now our focus is more geared to the world of medicine and after graduation we will continue Delicate-ing.
3. How did you start designing clothes? When I was 17 years old I began to love reading fashion magazines and started paying attention to appearance and fashion. Since then I've liked to draw sketches of my dream dresses.4. What motivated you to start blogging? It would be my stylish friends and fashion world Itself. I am pleased to share the photos with me wearing my favorite clothes and add a few opinions about it. for me, my blog is like my fashion diary. 
5. Where/Who do you get fashion inspiration from? Alexa Chung and Twin Olsen. They are my fashion heroes. They're always look so great and stylish.6. Who are some of your favorite designers? For an Indonesian designer I like Biyan and for an international designer I like Zac Posen. Both of them are really great! I wish I could work for them. 
7. What sparked your interest in fashion? My mom once said " You should begin to notice your appearance more so that you look cool and beautiful... " Since then I have become a fashion enthusiast and sometimesI feel I pay too much attention to the fashion world than the world of medicine. Wellthanks to my mom because she advised me I am a girl who can dress well enough now.
Adelle is a 23 year old student from Jakarta, Indonesia. Her effortless style is a reminder of how unique and versatile fashion is.
Be sure to check out Adelle's blog .SillySmartass.


Laura's Style said...

I adore the high waisted pleated pants in the 1st photo. They are awesome! I have a hard time wearing high waisted pants because I am short waisted with long legs, but I love them!

Sheila said...

Gorgeous outfits!

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