Mollie King at All Star Lanes Bowling Alley in London

Hey everyone! I've kind of been gone for a while because I've been really sick. But I'm starting to feel better. I did get a new laptop! So now I'll definitely try to post more, because my old laptop was slow and weighed as much as a small child so I hated to do anything on it. Todays look is from Mollie King (5'4"), here it is:

A similar look:

Topshop Multicolored Silk Gem Tab Short Sleeve Shirt $60 (on sale!)
Olivia Dark Indigo Low-Rise Jegging
Delia's Olivia Jegging $39.50

Aldo Urquiza Heels $89.98 (on sale!)

Where to find these items:
Top: www.topshop.com.
Jeans: www.delias.com.
Shoes: www.aldoshoes.com.


Kate said...

Hope you're feeling better! Wearing almost identical shoes right this minute. <3 them.


Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous, and I love her outfit! I hope you feel better, and yay for your new laptop!! :)