Mollie King at Bloomsbury Square

I am offically done with summer. I hate hate hate summer, it's a useless season. I hate the heat, I have NOTHING to wear because my closet is full of sweaters and blazers and boots. I don't believe in paying $50 for a less than half of a pair of pants or half a shirt, which is really all that shorts and little summer tank tops and crop tops are. Okay, I'm done venting about my feelings for summer. Here's the look from Mollie King (5'4"):
On Mollie King: Dress- French Connection Solar Swirl Neck Dress $215.49
A similar look:
ASOS Swing Dress with Studded Neckline $94.81
Bakers Rylan Wedges $65

Where to find these items:
Dress: www.asos.com.

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