My favorite blogs: Sweden

I don't know why, but I go on Swedish blogs a lot, and I don't even know the language! I just love the style and the people of Sweden. Here are 4 of my favorite Swedish blogs:
Sisters Mira (21) and Thilda (17) Berglind both write this blog. They are AMAZING photographers! Every picture on their blog they take themselves, I must say that their blog has the most professional pictures I have EVER seen on any blog I have ever seen (they take all the pictures on their blog themselves!), and I've visted A LOT of blogs. Their blog is so inspirational, I love it! 
Love love looooooove this blog written by Victoria Törnegren, a 19 year old from Umeå, Sweden. Victoria's blog is interesting because she only really wears black and white, she rarely wears any color or prints & I find that really refreshing. I love her all white apartment and her unique & simple sense of style.

Angelica Blick is a 20 year old girl from Linköping, Sweden. She posts outfits, personal pictures, and she answers questions! One thing I love about Swedish blogs is that every couple of months or so they have a little ask me anything post, and you can literally ask them anything!
This blog is written by 17 year old My Blomquist from Umeå, Sweden. I love her blog because she writes a lot about her life. It's interesting to see a popular blogger write so much about what is going on in their personal life. My's style is simple and inspiring, as is her blog.

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