Frankie Sandford at the Mayfair Hotel

I went on my blog to see what celebrity looks I've posted so I won't have the same person on twice and I was flabbergasted when I saw I haven't done an outfit post in like 2 weeks! I've neglected my blog and I feel kind of bad, but I've been busy busy busy and I just haven't had time. But I have all day today so I'm posting a look from Frankie Sandford (5'3"): 
On Frankie Sandford: Dress- Aldara Tailored Lace Pleat Dress £23.99 (about $34); Shoes- Topshop (price unknown)
A similar look:
Paprika Collar Detail Lace Dress $51.72
Delia's Woven Rope Belt $19.50
Urban Outfitters Classic Metal Aviator Sunglasses $14 (online only!)
Aldo Gwenda Sandals $49.98

Where to find these items:
Dress: www.asos.com.