My Favorite Blogs: Australia

I love this blog by 19 year old Mega Brinsmead. After a 1 year hiatus she recently started blogging again. I love this blog because of Mega's unique style, she layers clothes amazingly! She somehow combines fitted and relaxed styles in a simple way creating really nice outfits (and she's petite!!)
I want to be Nicole Warne! She is the owner of the Gary Pepper Vintage blog and online store. Nicole is the queen of vintage, the way she styles vintage clothing is phenomenal. From vintage inspired headbands to vintage clothes Nicole Warne seems to do it all.
This blog is written by 19 year old Frida Grahn a Swedish native who lives in Australia. I admire Frida's athletic style. She blends athletic clothing with everyday wear to create the perfect look.

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oooh i love these recommendations.
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