Yay! My 2nd feature that's part of "Feature Fridays". Today's feature is about Anastasia Siantar a 21 year old blogger from Jakarta, Indonesia:
I asked Anastasia some questions, here's what she said:
1. How tall are you? I'm only 156cm (5'1") tall (short).
2. What motivated you to start blogging and posting looks on Lookbook? Though I don't have any specific style but I love to share my looks to other people, and when they are inspired by me, I feel amazing and really happy that I couldn't describe it myself. 

3. Who are some of your favorite designers? Actually, I don't really pay much attention to designers. However, currently I'm in love with shoe designer Jeffrey Campbell. He is really amazing, I couldn't stop loving and wanting JC shoes more and more!
4. You say you love "extraordinary shoes", what is your favorite pair of shoes that you own? For now it's the brown platform, my first Jeffrey Campbell Shoes the buckled ankle boots in brown leather. Why? you'll know it when you have them.
5. How do you put together such creative/quirky outfits? Actually, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I would just wear a plain tank top, my nerd glassLESS, shorts and some accessories but of course with high heels.

6. What accessory or article of clothing could you never live without & why? Basic wear is a must have. I had the experience of wanting to wear such nice blazer and didn't know how to paired it with, but finally, I survived with only by a plain loose tank top. As for the thing I could never live without is indeed my underwear ;)
7. What sparked your interest in fashion? It's always because of shoes, the unique ones. Anastasia may be petite, but her amazingly creative outfits (and her extraordinary heels!) make up for her lack of inches!
Don't forget to check out her blog Brown Platform!


Today's Outfit

Gap Button Down Shirt; Thrifted Belt; Forever 21 Skirt


Frankie Sandford in LA

Happy Monday (: I'm still on spring break so I got to sleep in today so I'm in a good mood! I'm actually kind of sad because the weathers finally nice, the weather is actually too nice because it's like 80 degrees and it's all humid and sticky outside, but I realized that I have no spring clothes whatsoever!! So you know where I'll be this weekend: at the mall! Here's the look from Frankie Sandford (5'3"):
A similar look:
Urban Outfitters BDG Double-V Tank $20 (online only!)
River Island Pleat Front Denim Western Jacket $80.67
Free People High Waisted Skort $58
Jessica Simpson Dany 2 Platform Sandals $99

Where to find these items:
Tank: www.urbanoutfitters.com ONLINE ONLY!
Jacket: www.asos.com.



I've decided to come up with something called "Feature Fridays". Isn't that so cute? so every Friday I'll try to post a feature! This Fridays feature is about one of my favorite Lookbookers, Adelle V.

I asked Adelle some questions, here's what she had to say:
1. How tall are you? I am only 160cm (5'2").
2. When did you start your online store (DELicate.Cloth)? I started my online store last year with a friend. Both of us love fashion but we have such different style. Unfortunately, both of us are medical students, so it's so difficult to run the online shop, we have crazy hectic schedules and activities at the hospital. For now our focus is more geared to the world of medicine and after graduation we will continue Delicate-ing.
3. How did you start designing clothes? When I was 17 years old I began to love reading fashion magazines and started paying attention to appearance and fashion. Since then I've liked to draw sketches of my dream dresses.4. What motivated you to start blogging? It would be my stylish friends and fashion world Itself. I am pleased to share the photos with me wearing my favorite clothes and add a few opinions about it. for me, my blog is like my fashion diary. 
5. Where/Who do you get fashion inspiration from? Alexa Chung and Twin Olsen. They are my fashion heroes. They're always look so great and stylish.6. Who are some of your favorite designers? For an Indonesian designer I like Biyan and for an international designer I like Zac Posen. Both of them are really great! I wish I could work for them. 
7. What sparked your interest in fashion? My mom once said " You should begin to notice your appearance more so that you look cool and beautiful... " Since then I have become a fashion enthusiast and sometimesI feel I pay too much attention to the fashion world than the world of medicine. Wellthanks to my mom because she advised me I am a girl who can dress well enough now.
Adelle is a 23 year old student from Jakarta, Indonesia. Her effortless style is a reminder of how unique and versatile fashion is.
Be sure to check out Adelle's blog .SillySmartass.


Eva Longoria in Beverly Hills

I finally get to go on spring break today! So now I can finally get more than 5 hours of sleep! Todays look is from Eva Longoria (5'2"), I haven't posted a look from her in a loooooong time, here's the look:
A similar look:
Forever 21 My Boyfriend's Cotton Shirt $19.90
Urban Outfitters Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer $78
Olivia Dark Indigo Low-Rise Jegging
Delia's Olivia Jegging $39.50
Sam Edelman Novato Heels $99.99

Where to find these items:


Kourtney Kardashian in Beverly Hills

I am more than ready for summer. I'm tired of staying up late studying and waking up early. I can't wait to sleep in and go on vacation! I only have to wait a couple more weeks! Todays outfit is from Kourtney Kardashian (5'1"). Here it is:
A similar look:
Forever 21 Fab Tribal Ikat Dress $13.50
Urban Outfitters Cooperative Equestrian Belt $15 (on sale!)
Asos Tailored Cropped Pleat Shoulder Blazer $89.65
American Apparel Super Opaque Tights $25
Steve Madden Caryssa - Blue
Steve Madden Bevv Heels $89.95 (on sale!)
Damsel Cat Eye Sunglasses $16 (online only!)

Where to find these items:
Blazer: www.asos.com.
Sunglasses: www.urbanoutfitters.com ONLINE ONLY!


Ashley Tisdale in Toluca Lake

Hello! I'm kind of in a rush so I'm going to get right to the look from Ashley Tisdale (5'3"):
Leaving her house in Toluca Lake April 3, 2011
On Ashley Tisdale: Top- One Teaspoon Mickey Shirt $104; Jeans- AG Denim Stilt Jeans $162; Shoes- Steve Madden Durann Clogs $135; Sunglasses- Blu Moon Heart Shaped Sunglasses $18
A similar look:
Calvin Klein Denim Shirt $69.50
Taylor White Low-Rise Super Skinny Jean
Delia's Taylor Low-Rise Skinny Jeans $49.50
Bakers Winsong 2 Wedges $80
Urban Outfitters Sweet Heart Sunglasses $16 (online only!)

Where to find these items:
Sunglasses: www.urbanoutfitters.com ONLINE ONLY!



Okay, at first I wanted replicas of these, but I've changed my mind. I will worship these shoes from a far until I can afford them (although by then they won't be sold anymore!). Jeffrey Campbell Lana who? I am 100% whole-heartedly/completely in love with these Miu Miu mary janes.


Diary of a Short Girl's Facebook Page

Diary of a Short Girl's Facebook Page is finally here!
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I saw these & I knew I had to tell ya'll about my love for these shoes! They're like Litas on crack, I am completely OBSESSED with these shoes I want all 3 pairs on my shoe rack!


Vanessa Hudgens going out to Lunch in Studio City

 ¡Hola! Today was an awesome day (: My outfit was really cute; looking good always makes me feel good which makes my day better. I have been really stressed about starting college, and finding a dorm, & a roommate; I'm just worried they'll be weird and/or mean. Oh well, I know everything will end up working out! Here's the look from Vanessa Hudgens (5'1"):
A similar look:
Forever 21 Knotted Back Tank $4.50
Victoria's Secret Cargo Jacket $98
Nasty Gal Scalloped Leather Shorts $55 (love these!)
Bakers Tiana Sandals $50

All Saints Origin Beanie $40

Where to find these items:


Kim Kardashian at a Gas Station

I hate Mondays with such a passion. I can't wait until summer, when I can sit around and do nothing. And then in Fall I can finally move out of my parent's house and go to college! This fall is going to be very exciting because I'm moving to the city (well Philly, not New York City), but still it's a major city. I have to buy a new camera, I need to just suck it up and buy one of those $500 Canon cameras, or maybe I'll just buy a cheaper used one. Anyways, here's the look from Kim Kardashian (5'2"):

A similar look:
Urban Outfitters Truly Madly Deeply Scoopneck Pocket Tee $24
Topshop Black Cropped PU Biker Jacket $110
Taylor Black Low-Rise Super Skinny Jean
Delia's Taylor Low-Rise Skinny Jean $49.50
Bakers Farah 2 Over the Knee Boot $79.99

Where to find these items:


Emma Roberts in LA

Hello! I don't normally post on Sundays, but I haven't posted in a while because I'm still sick. It's so frustrating being sick because I can't do anything because I'm so tired! Hopefully I'll get better this week. Here's the look from Emma Roberts (5'2"):
A similar look:
Nasty Gal Bamboo Scoop Top $38
Forever 21 Porkchop Pocket Denim Shorts $11.50
Urban Outfitters UO Heathered Thigh High Sock $14
Strappy Leopard Print Wedge
Charlotte Russe Strappy Leopard Print Wedge $32

Where to find these items: