How Tall are Ya'll?

It's been almost a year since I did my last How Tall are Ya'll? post! Since the year's almost over I realized I have to hurry up and do a post for this year. I always wonder how tall some of you who visit my blog are. Are you like 5'0", or 4'11", or even 5'9"? I'm just a little curious. So write your height in a comment & maybe even write what you love about being petite.

Here's my own little comment:

I'm 5'1". I love being petite because it's easy to find a tall guy to carry me around & make me feel all cute!

So comment on this post & tell me about yourself! 


Christmas in Philadelphia

I took pictures at this Christmas market in Love Park called Christmas Village. It was so cute!

^These are wooden ornaments that people could write Christmas wishes on.

Merry Christmas!