Mollie King out in England

All of the girls in the group The Saturdays have such amazing style, it's so hard to pick a favorite. It's definitely a tie between Frankie Sandford & Mollie King. Here's a look from Mollie King (5'4"):
On Mollie King: Top--Topshop Velvet Harness Corset $60//Skirt--Topshop Leather Full Skirt $150
A similar look:
ASOS Motel Bernice Velvet Bustier $44.54
Forever 21 Flared Back Blazer in Navy $27.80
ASOS Leather Mini Skirt with Stitch Detail $59.09 (on sale!)
Bakers Aida Ankle Booties $79.99 (on sale!)

Where to find this look:
Bustier: www.asos.com.
Skirt: www.asos.com.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh i absolutely love mollie's fashion style and i have a post coming up on her style soon too ha ha! i didn't even realise the saturdays were known in the States, how cool :) xo


Amanda said...

I'm in love with this outfit!! SO CUTE!!!


Anonymous said...

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